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Owning my contribution graph

I love seeing my GitHub contribution graph, it's great for looking back and seeing the broad strokes of what I've been up to in my career.

If programmers were pilots, this graph would probably be our log books!

There is something so immediately apparent when you view them, I'm sure heat maps must be up there in some of the most readable data visualization forms.

My GitHub Contribution Graph

Over the years I've worked at a few different companies, and not all of them use GitHub. Ideally I'd love for my contributions to also be replicated from others providers. But shipping my companies intellectual property to a third party git host seems like a major no-no.

So I've thrown together a quick tool which will scrape my git history and generate a new repository with the same commit history. However the commits in this new repo will be entirely empty, no company IP!

"recent events" have nudged me to tend more to my personal space on this internet, and I'd love to be able to replicate this graph on my own site. Ultimately this would be what I consider proper ownership of the graph, and it's definitely on the cards for the future.